Friday, March 19, 2010

2 Shows :: 3/22 Make-Out Room & 3/27 Beale Street Bar & Grill

Hello Beautiful Friends!

It is a blessing to have been offered a few more opportunities to sing & strum on my guitar.  The two dates coming up are March 22nd and March 27th.

On Monday, March 22nd a "Light" form of Nkechi Live! will be headlining at 11pm San Francisco's the Make-Out Room following an amazing line-up of poet's for the monthly cabaret show called The Cat's Pajamas.  Then on Saturday, March 27th at Beale Street Bar & Grill Nkechi Live! plays at 9pm for a music showcase hosted by RipStar Productions where a few friends and I will be celebrating a few anniversaries and birthdays.

Here some details:

Monday, March 22nd, 2010
Nkechi Live! @ 11pm
The Cat's Pajamas "The Revolutionary Poet's Brigade"
Make-Out Room, 8pm-12am, Cover $5

3225 22nd St, San Francisco, CA 94110-3006
(415) 647-2888

The Cat's Pajamas is a monthly cabaret featuring spoken word, music, dance, and performance art acts that are an ode to the cultural aesthetics of the past. This Month join us for "The Revolutionary Poets Brigade" A celebration of the evolution of the revolution. Marxists and thinkers, border fighters and beatboxers, funk wailers and hip hop healers. dada tunes and videoscapes. It will be a night of expansion and if you don't have any idea what all of that meant you are just going to have come and see what it's all about. We are ready to honor all of the ways of the new.


The Revolutionary Poets Brigade: They are a group of powerhouse poets who have battled the decades in search of meaning and truth. They walk their talk and are still invested in breaking this world wide open so that we can begin to live with a genuine justice. They prove that beautiful and vibrant words can actually make a difference. From this group two amazing women will be reading;

Dottie Payne: An intensely knowledgeable, supremely vibrant poet nurtured in literature and trained in the word fight for expressive rights who can also rock a pair of heels.

Jessica Loos: Is uniquely placed in the history of North Beach Poetry, having survived close relationships with many a Beat Icon, she brings both spirit and energy to the contempory table with her swagger and penetrating voice placing many of her peers decidely under that well notched table (and sadly in the case of some of her Beat predecessors, under the ground).

Other Performers: Xandra, Andy Warthol, Robyn,The Bombshells, Nate Pagel, We Are the Unreal, Sam Sax, and Paintings By Couca.

The Band:
Nkechi Live: With a voice that travels far past this known world into new and uncharted territory only to bring it all back and down with weight and earth and the gravity of soul, Nkechi has been known to cure your ills and heal your wounds through music but you didn't even know it because you were dancing so hard and having such a marvelous time. We get her and the full band so be prepared to move about wildly with a wide grin on your face.


Saturday, March 27th, 2010
Nkechi Live! @ 9pm (with the JeeJahs)
Beale Street Bar & Grill

133 Beale St
San Francisco, CA 94105
(415) 543-1961

Music Showcase hosted by Rob Jackson of RipStar Productions
7:00-7:15 Hamin
7:20-7:50 Paige
10:35- 11:15 Graham Patzner
8:10-8:40 Whitney Nicole
9:45-10:15 Califia
9:00-9:30 Nkechi Live!

It is my pleasure to keep you on my personal e-mail list of upcoming events.  Look forward to keeping in touch around anything else our creator brings our way.  BTW, I play solo on guitar or with my band as the occasions specify and sometimes plan, develop, and host fundraising events to help further the hope for World Peace in our Lifetime.  YES!

I appreciate any and all support for my music :-) Buy a song or CD from Amazon or via my website  At your leisure, please find me through the various web links (below) Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Wordpress .. and please add this e-mail and all e-mails from to your safe list.

Hope 2 See U Sooner than Soon in Person or in Spirit!

Blessings in Your Day :-)

And More Blessings :-)
Astral Soul Songstress/Visionary
Alternative Singer/Songwriter

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