Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day :: More Nkechi Live Music in June :-)

Happy Father's Day!

I am delighted to celebrate Father's Day with you.  By the time you get this you may be well into or well past your father's day activities.  May your day and all days be blessed!  I know we are all linked in one way or another to someone who is our father, a father, or who filled the role of father for us during the course of our life.  May we remember and honor them as best we can today :-)

My father passed on 9/14/2001 which to put it mildly it was a significant loss.  It began a journey that has anchored me deeper into my spirituality and thus inspired me to pursue a deeper relationship with God my Eternal Father.  With the loss of my earthly father came a sound of music from within my soul and from then on .. actually after few years .. and then from then on with repeated surrenders to this Truth .. I am grateful for all opportunities laid in my path to express my myself through music and written song.

So again Happy Father's Day.  Today I celebrate all fathers, on earth and in Heaven!

Now, at the beginning of the month I sent an e-mail letting you know I was singing 7 shows in June.  Well it looks like the sum total will be 10 shows by the end of the month, but who's counting?

Yesterday I performed music at the delightful Laurel Street Summer Solstice Festival.  It was a sweet experience to notice all the dad's in various forms of doting on or being doted on by their loved ones.  My station was Monique's Clozet  and I had to restrain myself from moving in.  Her designer clothing on consignment are a must see.  Seeing is believing  The other merchants can be found at

SUNDAY, June 20th @ 2 PM

TODAY, Sunday 6/20, Father's Day I will be playing music for James Keys who is running for Supervisor for District 6 in San Francisco.  I choose not be a political person and usually chose to abstain from all debates.  However, whenever I am asked to play music it gives me an opportunity to learn a liittle about new things.  So far I am inspired by my research on James Keys. I am inspired that he is advocating for Laura's Law and am grateful he presently serves as the chair of the San Francisco Mental Health Board (MHB).  They are throwing a James Keys campaign party.  I will be playing at 2pm following a Haitian Band called Majestic who plays at 12noon.  Here are the Details:

Sunday, June 20, 2010
James Keys Campaign Party
1244 Northpoint Apt. A
Treasure Island - SF, CA 94130

Music Starts at 12pm Majestic - local Haitian band
& 2 pm Nkechi Live - organic soul singer/songwriter

So at 2pm today this Father's Day I will sing songs from the heart and I am so looking forward to it.  Stop by or send a well wish if you like.

SUNDAY, June 27, 2010
Lastly I am presently on hold for a gig on June 27th who knows which way it will go, but I'll send you details as soon as I am confirmed.

Please find me on facebook as Nkechi Live and twitter respectfullyI love twittering!

Blessings in Your Day :-)

Astral Soul Songstress

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