Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day 2011 & Seussical, the Musical 7/9 - 8/14


Friends & Family

Happy Independance Day!

It was around Father's Day almost a year ago when I sent my last blog/e-mail blast.  Yup, almost a year.

Since then by a combination of coincidences and grace I have slowed down considerably .. Yup, really.

I was thrust into opportunities to develop more intimacy with God, the source of my creativity, my Nigerian and American families and heritages, the inspiration of my creativity, and myself.

I discovered.

Making Music is My Ministry

It was surprising to come to the same conclusion that has spurred me on for the past few years, but I suppose I had to get out of the driver's seat to catch more of the view.

So what have I been up to?

Over the past year I have performed in a Rock Opera, started attending Bible College, completed a 9 month internship to become a certified interventionist, have performed music or acted in film and theater in a few great venues for a few great causes including Berkeley Playhouse's upcoming Seussical, the Musical and have travelled from Nicaragua to Toronto to Israel to Nigeria for a mixture of inspirations on which I will elaborate at a later time.

I re-discovered

I am proud to be an American Nigerian

After exercising my freedoms to take classes and travel.
I hope to never take my freedom in our country for granted

May you have a Blessed Time with Family and Friends this Independence Day.

I am next performing as a Bird Girl and Fish in Seussical the Musical with Berkeley Playhouse from July 9th to August 14th at Julia Morgan Center for the Arts, 2640 College Ave, Berkeley, CA.

  Last time, Seussical, the Musical with Berkeley Playhouse sold out quickly.

I loved peforming with them Berkeley Playhouse then and I am especially loving it now. I'll send more info on the show later, but for now if you'd like to get first dibs and a discount on tickets, follow this link and e-mail me through if you'd like a friends and family discount.
More Show details are available on my website and website calendar

Despite my resistance to dive fully into these social media forums fully, I actively twitter and do have the beginnings of an Nkechi Live Fan Page, so please feel free to "Like" me, write me and/or connect with me via social media. I look forward to updating you via e-mail as the timing becomes appropriate on my upcoming creative activities.

Be Blessed Today & Everyday

nkechi live!
Acoustic Soul Songstress
Singer / Songwriter / Actress

P.S. Have a Wonderfully Blessed Day :-) N

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